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Where wires become whispers and power flows seamlessly through the veins of innovation.  


Dive into the realm of Wired Smart Energy, where sunlight dances on solar panels, electric vehicles hum in harmony, and homes become the orchestrators of efficiency. 


Unleash the potential of a dark-themed sanctuary, where technology meets sustainability in a symphony of brilliance.

This isn't just a webpage

It's a portal to a future where energy isn't just smart – it's intelligently wired for a world that refuses to settle for the ordinary.

Smart Home


It's not just a residence; it's a testament to the future, where homes aren't just smart – they're intuitively brilliant. Explore the next chapter in home living, where comfort meets cutting-edge technology in a symphony of modernity.

We are registered and approved installers of many smart home technologies, whether you want to dim lights and lower blinds with a push of a button to set the scene, connect yourself to your home with smart home technologies.

From controlling the heating to seeing who is at the front door, we are in control like never before:

  • Energy efficient Smart Heating controls

  • Door entry systems with remote access

  • Secure your home like never before

  • Multiroom audio

  • Energy Monitoring 

  • Solar and Electric vehicle integration

Step into the Frontier of home evolution, this is just the beginning. 



Embark on a solar odyssey, where rays of sunlight weave a tapestry of power for a sustainable tomorrow. Solar panels stand as silent sentinels, converting the sun's energy into a green flow of electricity. Picture a world where each dawn fuels a clean energy revolution, and rooftops transform into stages of power and environmental responsibility.


The future is not just illuminated, but energetically sculpted for generations to come. Join us in harnessing the brilliance of the sun and paving the way towards a brighter, greener horizon.

Getting started with solar

Getting started with solar power has never been easier. With energy prices sky rocketing, alternative solutions become more prevalent. And with the rise of electric vehicles, you're able to offset a huge amount of energy usage.

Just how good is it?

With a big enough system, you would be able to go completely off grid - depending on your day to day energy use. An average household could offset 80% of their yearly electricity usage with just a 3kw system. 



3 diagrams of solar usage

When you are generating more energy than you are using, it is a good idea to use battery storage. This means that the energy you don't use, you are able to in the future. As seen in the above depiction, excess energy can be stored or sold to the grid.

If you are using more energy than you are generating, you would then use energy you had stored in your battery, with any surplus requirements being used from the grid.

When you generate no energy (during the night) you will be relying on any energy stored in the battery, with surplus coming from the grid.

Is Solar right for me?

Solar is always a meanwhile investment. The higher your electric bill, the more money you will be saving. This equates to a faster "payback" period, meaning the initial investment would have paid for itself in energy savings, and any energy savings from then on go into your pocket.

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